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Dora Reisser

Sold in UK, Europe, Australia and the USA


"I have always loved wool - long before I was designing myself - and it follows that I now work best in that medium.  It has a certain style.  If it isn't wool, then it will be crepe de chine; the quality angle is paramount.  And now I'm in a position to work closely with British mills, who design, weave and dye wool cloth exclusively for my designs.  I am also currently encouraging the development of woolblends with silk and cotton.  I work in wool, too, because I believe that the customers looks for the Woolmark label as a sign of real value." 
  Dora Reisser '83


The Reisser Collection
     Sold in Harrods, Selfridges and Fenwicks and stores throughout the world.
Liberty/Reisser range
     Sold in the Far East
Berdorf Goodman in New York
     First British Designer to occupy her own area in the designer floor.
Daks International
     Designed for seven years
Austin Reed
     Innovated the Woman's Wear Section
Won British Designer of the Year Award for Day Wear.

Vogue Supplement - Spring 1987

"My dresses have always been very versatile, styles that can be dressed-up, clothes for a busy woman"


Reisser strongly believes the 1950's look is back, with full skirts and petticoats, straight skirts with buttons either front or back, big important pockets and stripes and dots in different sizes all combined to create an overall eye-catching, dashing look.

Reisser Shapes ... easy and free.  Longer jackets with shoulders following a natural line looking like big loos shirts.  Full skirts, straight skirts, some waisted some drop waisted and large buttons all the way.
Reisser Colours ... buttercup yellow; cornflower blue; poppy read; stone and cool earth, all mixed in with white.  Ivory and navy for evening wear.
Reisser Fabrics ... 100% pure new Wool.  100% wool Crepe.  100% wool Flannel.  100% Cotton.  Pure Silk and Crepe-de-Chine.
Reisser Prints ... mixtures of cotton and silk with enormaous dots and unusual splashes of colour - all looking like 50's paintings.


Day:  big wide belts and sashes.  Lots of buttons, front and back.  Big pockets. 
Blouses:  blouses are exquistely cut, both single and double breasted with small collars and flowing bows and ties. 
Evening:  glittering paillette georgette combined with contrasting ivory and navy to create a stunningly graceful effect.


Harrods Knightsbridge, London
First Floor, Designer Room
Sharply Collared suit in brown pure new wool with a red strip.
Also available in purple with turquoise strip.
Sizes:  10-16


Autumn / Winter 1984/5
 45 Conduit Street, London



Selfridges Designer Room Second Floor.
Left:  Printed Pure New Wool two piece by Dora Reisser, full circle skirt, blouse with high neck, pleated collar, silk sash.  Sizes: 10-14.  Blue, Red and Gold

"I like to dress up my separates collection, so that it's quite sexy:  I always show it with hight heels rather than with flatties and casual:  worn properly, it's a very feminine look, even thought the styling is quite masculine."


"I don't instinctively design for the commercial market - but my clothers are stylish and wearable, they appeal to the busy woman and are made-up in some of the finest clothes you can find."