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Dora Reisser

 Espionage "Some Other Kind of  WorldSeason 1 Episode 22 Played "Eugenia"  aired NBC 18 Mar 64 (USA) UK Spy Anthology Series 60 min b/w .  Anything can happen when a bunch of jazzmen visit Moscow on a goodwill tour.  The boys working for Ziggy Levine, are warned to be on their best behaviour.  Kenneth Dearing, of the U.S. State Dept., has the job of looking after them, and points out that they are ambassadors of their country.  It seems, however, that one of them forgets, for after getting involved with a girl, Eugenia, he is held on a spying charge.

The Baron "Diplomatic Immunity" Season 1 Episode 1 Played "Eva Dummel"  ITC aired 20 Jan 66  UK Crime/Adventure Series 60 min. color.  After a robbery in his London shop, antique dealer John Mannering a.k.a. The Baron, is persuaded by Templeton-Green to work for Diplomatic Intelligence.  He travels behind the Iron Curtain and meets his contact Cordelia.  They encounter a corrupt Party Member who attemps to frame them for the murder of his lover, the London jewel thief.

Court Martial  aired 1966  UK Military Legal Drama Series 60 min. b/w. Court Martial was about two military lawyers in the US Army during and just after the Second World War played by Peter Graves (Major Frank Whittaker) and Bradford Dillman (Captain David Young). These officers and good friends would frequently find themselves on opposing sides during a trial and the storylines would involve the tracking down of witnesses and the unearthing of the true circumstances behind crimes.

The Rat Catchers  "The Heel of Achilles" Season 2 Episode 10  Played "Gerde" aired 23 Feb 67  UK Spy Drama Series 60 min. b/w. The Rat Catchers was about a top secret group who were so secret that they didn't officially exist!  Their brief was to ensure the security of Britain and the Western Alliance.

Man in a Suitcase "Three Blinks of the Eyes" Season 1 Episode 28 Played "Janine" aired 3 Apr 68  UK Crime/Adventure Series 50 min. color.  McGill is hired by wealthy Eleanor Duzac to follow her playboy husband. When McGill discovers a mistress, Janine, he informs Mrs Duzac. She simply tells him to pay her off. When McGill arrives at Janines apartment, he finds her dead and the police waiting for him. As he was the last person to see Janine alive, he now faces the guillotine for her murder.

The Trouble Shooters   aired 1966-72 UK 136 x 50min episodes Ray Barrett starring as Peter Thornton, an Australian field agent for the multinational oil company of the title, headed by Geoffrey Keen ( Brian Stead). After the first series of 13 episodes, the show's title became The Troubleshooters (BBC, 1966-72), although it kept the title Mogul when shown in other countries.   

Played "Mrs Ghislaine Foss" wife of Mogul's founder in Season 5 Mrs Foss plays a pivotal role over the power struggle and attempts to seize control of her vital shares by Mogual and their greatest rival Zenith.

  • A Dirty Old Man And A Rare Bird aired 6th January 69 UK
  • If He Hollers, Let Him Go aired 27th Janurary 68 UK 
  • You Can't Trust Women aired 28th  April 1969 UK 
  • Really. She Did, She Really Did aired 5th May 1969 UK 
  • They Call Me Israel aired 7th July 1969 UK

The Avengers "Thingumajig" Season 7 Episode 27 Played "Inge Tilson" aired 2 Apr 69  UK  aired 24 Mar 69 USA Crime/Adventure Series 60 min. color  In the catacombs on a dig beneath a Norman church, something stirs and it kills.  The avengers get a shock when two electrical killers begin to exterminate an archaeological team.  The boxes, invented by Kruger, will soon be released worldwide, but Kruger dies trying to retrieve them.  Steed and Tara being box clever throw some water in the works.  Well, champagne actually!

From A Bird's Eye View "Home is where the heart is" Season 1 Episode 16 Played "Stacy" aired 16 Aug 71  USA Comedy Series 30 min. color  Millie Grove and Maggie Ralston are two high-spirited air stewardesses who find themselfs involved in one dizzy dilema after another.  Millie tries to help a handsom passenger land a promotion by posing as his wife.

The Lotas Eaters " aired 1972-1973 UK Drama Series  The Lotus Eaters was a collection of powerful, often tragic, dramas about a group of British expatriates living on Crete. Each story was skilfully woven into a continuing sub-plot about the faltering marriage of Erik and Ann Shepherd

The Pathfinders "Assignment:  Top Secret Played "Arlette" aired 1972 UK War/Drama Series 60 min. color  Stories of the Pathfinder Squadron of the RAF during the Second World War.  Two airmen are commissioned to pick up a member of the resistance in France.

Z Cars "Defection Played "Elizabeth Racinska" Season 8 Episode 25 aired 9 Apr 73 UK Police/Drama Series 50min.   Stories are the day-to-day work of the crime patrol-cars and their crews in a country police force. A member of a visiting Trade Delegation takes a positive step concerning the future.  But Sgt. Stone's future is left for Connor and Richards to fight over .

Special Branch "Entente Cordiale" Season 4 Episode 8 Played "Claudia" aired 4 Apr 74  Crime/Drama Series UK  60 min. color Played the ex-wife of Chief Inspector Craven.  Craven recieves a strange visitor in the middle of the night, his estranged ex-wife who needs his help desperately.  Only trouble is, she is in league with a terrorist gang!

Space:  1999 "Devils Planet" Season 2 Episode 22 Played "Interrogator" aired 1 Sep 77  UK  60 min. color Answering a distress signal, Responding to a distress signal, Koenig and Maine journey to the planet Ellna where they find that the entire population has been poisoned by a nerve-killing pathogen in the air. Detecting humanoid life-forms on Ellna's moon, Entra, they are about to land when their Eagle goes out of control and crashes. Unhurt, they go to the aid of a man being chased by a group of women armed with whips, but Maine runs into a force-field and is vaporised while Koenig is captured and taken to a vast, spartan complex. There he discovers that Entra is a penal colony for exiles run by sadistic amazon guards - and he has become their latest prisoner!

The Avengers "Thingumajig"

Man in a Suitcase "Three Blinks of the Eyes"

The Troubleshooters

Space: 1999 "Devil's Planet"